About us

Hello! I’m Alan Sharp. I’m a community development worker in Tooting, South London. Every day I meet people whose experience of systematic oppression exceeds my own. In my book Changing Generations I ask how practically we can stop poverty and injustice in UK and the world. I show what Black, Asian and Latin American and working class people and women think of white men and their agendas. I reveal the former’s achievements, skills and ways of working and problem-solving. And I outline how to break barriers of racism, sexism and whiteness and take action so everyone can achieve their dreams.  

‘...but it’s not relevant to me!...It’s all about Black people’.

I don’t think I did a good job of explaining what I meant to say is that this book is really about white people. It gives the other side of the story, how Black and Asian people and women feel about what white men do to them on a daily basis and how they want them to put wrong things right, in UK and the world. And it looks at the barriers that white people put up, whether they realise it or not, to keep power over Black and Asian people.